Q: How do you ensure the quality of the teachers you send out?

A: To guarantee consistently excellent teachers, we: conduct interviews with teachers; collect references; check qualifications to ensure teachers have a PGCE and or QTS (Qualified Teacher Status); have information about prospective teachers’ experience and educational background for parents to view prior to engaging the services of the teacher; and ensure all teachers have a current DBS checked certificate. We also keep in regular contact with our clients to ensure tuition is going well, and we conduct observations of our teachers, as is the case with teachers in the classroom.

Q: How do you guarantee the safety of my child?

A: As all our teachers are qualified teachers with DBS checks, we believe your child is as safe with one of our teachers as they are in school. All our teachers agree to our terms and conditions as well as being given safeguarding procedures to follow. As a company, we have extremely comprehensive public liability insurance and professional indemnity to ensure we comply with all necessary regulations.

Q: What can I expect from the teacher?

A: It is our expectation, and written into our terms and conditions, that the teacher should: arrive to all lessons on time; provide adequate work to meet your child’s needs that will help them meet agreed objectives; and will be able to provide evidence of material covered and progress made at regular intervals. If, for any reason, you feel these expectations are not being met, please contact us in the first instance. All our teachers are absolute professionals and understand that the work they undertake must be of the highest quality or we will not continue to enlist their services.

Q: Can I leave my child with the teacher?

A: Our guidance is that this should not happen as our service is for tuition and not childcare. If you ever do need to leave your child, this must be agreed with the teacher prior to doing so.

Q: Do I have to pay a registration fee?

A: We do not charge a registration fee. There are no hidden costs with our services; all costs associated with recruitment and registration are included in the hourly fees we charge.

Q: How does payment work?

A: Prior to any tutoring commencing, we take payment for the first lesson. If, after that, you then wish to proceed with the teacher, you can pay for a package of hours ranging from 10-50, which you will arrange the use of with your teacher(s). In the case of group tuition, you pay for 10-20 sessions up front, depending on how long you wish your child to do this for, or the length of the course. The cost of the tuition covers payment of the teacher, their travel costs and resources. From time to time, the teacher may require you to purchase copies of books for your child’s personal use beyond the lessons, but all lesson materials are provided by the teacher.

Q: Why should I go through an agency rather engaging the services of a tutor privately?

A: We ensure top-quality teachers by a rigorous vetting process which you do not get when you engage the service of a tutor privately. We conduct interviews, obtain references, check qualifications and ensure all our teachers have a DBS clearance, prior to any teacher entering your home. Your child’s safety is of paramount concern and, by going through an agency, you ensure you know who you are letting into your home.

Q: What if we need to miss a lesson?

A: In the case of one-to-one tuition, we ask that parents give teachers 24 hours’ notice, where possible, or teachers can charge for the session. In the case of unavoidable circumstances or sudden illness, we do ask that our teachers be sympathetic, but in cases of very short notice without a valid reason, teachers arriving and pupils not being there or repeatedly cancelled lessons, parents are liable to be charged for these lessons. For our group tuition and ‘Power Carousels’, the sessions are paid for as part of a course where, if a session is missed, that counts as one session in the course, as each week has an agreed and devised syllabus for which the fees go towards paying. Where possible, we will try to arrange for your child to join another group, doing the same session they missed, at a later date or, at the very least, the teacher will spend 10 minutes one-to-one catching your child up the following week, before or after the session.