Our Services

One-to-one home tuition

The majority of our tuition takes place in the home and is delivered on a one-to-one basis by one of our fully-qualified teachers. This makes it easier for us and you, the parents, to quality control the tuition that is taking place, and monitor progress closely. In special cases, such as siblings, parents may request small group tuition. Tutoring is usually done on an hourly basis, but sometimes a 90-minute basis for students of secondary age as this allows teachers to make the maximum impact on your child.

Tutor teaches a young student with his studies.

Group 11+ tuition

In recent years, schools have moved towards 11+ testing which has been deemed ‘tutor proof’. While the exam style and format has changed, there are still ways to prepare your child for the exams, and one of these is through private tuition, where pupils will learn the test format and question styles, as well as essential study skills. We offer 11+ tutoring one-to-one, but also in small groups at a significantly reduced rate. Our groups take place at local venues as well as at teachers’ houses. There would be no more than 5 pupils in a group and usually 3-4. For 11+ tutoring, we recommend 1-2 hours per week, with many parents opting for one hour one-to-one and one hour as part of a group.

Power Carousel

Is your child in primary school and wanting a boost in all areas? Kickstart your weekend with one of our power carousels, with a 90-minute blitz of English, maths and science delivered by specialists who devise their own tailor-made content, especially for your child. We only employ real teachers to teach your children, rather than generic, undifferentiated content being delivered by non-specialists. The group tuition is arranged as a course with a syllabus over a 10-12 week period and a clear scheme of work that will be followed and that you can track. While these ‘Power Carousels’ take place in small groups, each child will have the opportunity to discuss work with their teachers one-to-one and get feedback.

Holiday Tuition

It is well-documented that progress often ‘drops off’ after holiday periods as students’ learning skills and knowledge can become a little rusty. Ensure your child retains essential literacy and study skills by giving them a boost over the holidays. We have a range of options for students of all ages, from private tuition and group classes, to home schooling. Please call us to discuss the right option for you.

High School Students With Teacher In Class Using Laptops

Holiday Academy

Exams looming and your child needs that extra push over the holidays? Our holiday academies are the perfect way to give your child the confidence they need, as well as keeping them focused during holiday periods that could, otherwise, be unproductive. Our team develop an intensive programme across 2-3 days over holidays, although many students opt to attend for more days than this. Prior to attending the academy, parents, students and teachers will agree objectives and outcomes for your child’s time on the course. During the programme, students will receive one-to-one and group tuition in the subject area they have chosen. Please contact us for details of upcoming holiday academies near you.

School Entrance Exams

Many top prep and independent schools have implemented a number of increasingly challenging tests, which pupils are required to take to gain a place at these prestigious establishments. With hundreds of students vying for a few coveted places, it is essential to prepare your child for these exams. Please contact us to discuss entrance exam preparation.

BELGRADE, SERBIA - CIRCA JUNE 2014: Adults take exam for high school, circa June 2014 in Belgrade.


Consultancy is something many classroom teachers fear as it can often mean extra pressure and scrutiny, but we want to change that. Our consultants endeavour to form a partnership with classroom teachers and middle leaders, rather than coming into an organisation and taking a ‘top down’ approach. Consultancy should be conducted in a supportive and developmental manner, and our consultants use a number of non-invasive strategies, such as coaching and peer observations, to help your organisation make the changes you want to see in a way that is conducive for your staff and students. We work in close partnership with a number of educational consultants across the country; if you are interested in this input for your school or organisation, contact us for more details.

SEN Assessments

Having a child with a particular educational need, or suspecting your child has an educational need that has been undiagnosed, can be extremely worrying for parents, in terms of how best to support your child. Whatever your need or preference, our highly confidential and personal service will be perfect for your child.

Our specialist and highly qualified team offer private one-to-one assessments, reports and action plans that can be shared with schools or used to make private interventions in your own home, ranging from providing a programme of materials and work for you to to with your child, to regular sessions with an SEN specialist to help your child incorporate coping strategies into their day-to-day lives and school work.

The report you will receive will be written by an expert and will be of the quality of reports conducted by local education authorities or schools, and in a very similar format, so your child’s school will be able to use and implement the findings of this report.

Adult Education

Although the majority of our clients tend to be of school age, we have a growing number of students who are undertaking tuition in their adult life to either gain qualifications never achieved in formal education, pursue a new interest or to support degree work. Whatever your need, we will be able to place a teacher who will be able to fit in with your schedule and aid you in your academic pursuits. We regularly get requests for more niche areas of study, such as languages or specialist degrees and, 99% of the time, we are able to find a qualified teacher to assist with this. If there is an area you are interested in, which has not been listed on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.